Meet the NUMO Team

The NUMO project is a collaboration between researchers at University of California Santa Cruz and Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. 

Michal Kopera

Michal A. Kopera

Michal is the Primary Investigator of the project at UC Santa Cruz. He is responsible for model development,  testing, and dissemination of the results. He is a researcher at the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences.

Francis X. Giraldo

Frank is the PI of the project at Naval Postgraduate School. He works on numerical methods which NUMO is using. He is the main author of atmospheric model NUMA.

Wieslaw Maslowski

Wieslaw is an oceanographer at NPS. He supports the project in areas regarding ocean modeling and physics, provides data for model set-up and validation. He is the PI of RASM.

Slawek M. Tulaczyk

Slawek is a glaciologist at Earth and Planetary Sciences Department of UCSC. He advises NUMO team on all matters regarding ice sheets and glaciers.